Mikaela the Visionary

Founder, Co-Owner, Creative Director

Mikaela Marion, or "Kae", has one main priority... helping build economic prosperity in small communities.

Mikaela Marion is a Seattle-native whose background includes over 15 years of marketing and print-production experience and several years of senior leadership in corporate/healthcare marketing.

The beginning of her career journey (outside of becoming a cosmetologist) truly starts with Ricoh, a global-leading technology and imaging company. She worked in the Imaging Center producing marketing and communication materials for giants like Amazon, Seattle Children's Hospital, and T-Mobile. It was here that she fell in love with the science behind grabbing and holding someone's attention through visuals.

From there, she got involved in working in healthcare marketing and outreach for rural hospitals, combining her love for creating things with her natural communication skills. She served on executive leadership teams and got involved with governmental affairs, economic and workforce development, and community health groups. She became increasingly frustrated with the lack of resources in the community that could help spread important messages or get people to take an issue seriously.

She grew tired of being frustrated, quit her job and decided to become that resource that she knew was needed... and here we are.

Mikaela is deeply passionate about improving the economic viability of small businesses, artists, and wellness organizations in her communities.

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