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SUBKULTURE CO. DONATES FLOWERS TO NURSING HOME RESIDENTS-Challenges community members to do the same

Riverside, WA- SubKulture Co. delivered 42 flower arrangements on October 26th to bring some cheer to the residents at Regency Nursing Home in Omak.

“This year has been miserable for many of us... but not as miserable as it has been for our elderly population,” said Mikaela Marion, SubKulture Co-Owner. “They need some love and pick-me-ups pretty bad right now as we head into gloomy weather season.”

SubKulture Co. has officially challenged the Okanogan County community to come together and find small ways to help our assisted living and nursing homes bring cheer to their residents who have been stuck in isolation for nearly nine months. The SubKulture team is willing to help in whatever way they can. Reach out to us any time at or call 509-821-3121

SubKulture Co. is a creative media agency based in Riverside, WA. We design and produce high-quality messaging campaigns and provide graphic design, branding, and marketing services. Our team crafts award-winning user experiences that connect businesses to their consumers in an authentic way.

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