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How to write your brand's story

When it comes to your brand, the brand that you spend valuable hours, sweat, and yes even tears, creating, you want the whole world to see and feel what you experience when you see your brand. The brand that you are so proud of and know can bring a lot of value and help to others who are looking for the products or services that you offer.

People understand and relate best to stories that capture our attention and hold it there. For this reason, entrepreneurs and leaders of business who are able to tell a great story are typically seen as the most successful. Their brands seem to soar and stand out above others. When brands are able to tell their stories in a masterful way that is grand yet authentic, people are drawn into them and can’t help but to engage with the brand. This all sounds great and inspirations, but it does beg the question of how to actually write a story for your brand and how to make it powerful enough to really draw people in. Below is the only guide you need to craft and publish your own brand’s story.

1.) start with pen and paper.

When you first started your company, you more than likely had a special notebook set aside that you used to jot down all your ideas, dreams, and goals that you had for your future business before it launched. When you are preparing to write your brand’s story, it is important to get back to those basics and start writing bullet points about your brand. Write down things such as your past or how you got your start, who founded the company and why, when did it officially launch and what was the original vision starting out. Etc. Next, write about where your business is now. Explain the impacts that you are having on your community, profits you are making, services/products that are and are not working g, and how your company is going in the right direction for growth. Lastly, write down the purpose of your business and where you hope to see it grow in the next five years and ten years. Once you have everything written down in as much detail as you can muster, go back through with a highlighter and highlight everything you said that helps to showcase the purpose of your business or your reason for existing.

2.) come up with a powerful statement that explains to the world why your business exists.

With this step, it is not only okay, but encouraged to have a little bit of fun and allow your creative juices to start flowing. This step does not mean that you are writing a mission statement or even a vision so it can be a little less structured can succinct. Your brand statement takes into consideration what really matters and engages the attention of customers who are buying into your business. Brand statements give customers a deeper understanding of your purpose and why you exist. In your statement, answer questions such as why you are here, how you are impacting your community for the better, how you plan to extend your reach outside of your community to reach more people, etc. Put each of these parts together and you will see a statement bloom right in front of your eyes.

3.) Use your statement to write your brand’s story.

The brand statement that you just finished writing is going to be your launch pad that you use to help you create the rest of your story. When you start writing your story, you want to keep in mind that you do not want it to be any longer than one page. It needs to be succinct while remaining descriptive and tell your audience your story: where your business got its start, where you started and where you see yourself going in the near future.

Your brand story has to be as truthful and authentic as possible, if you try to fluff it up or say things that did not true, existing or potential customers will be able to tell that you are not being authentic with them and you will catch heat for it. This is the time when you should let people see your heart and your passion. Tell your story so outsiders can see your purpose and passion shine through. The more masterfully you tell your story, the more responsive your audience will be.

What to do once you have your story written down.

Once you have a story written down, it is now time to learn how and where to share it and use it for your benefit. Before sharing it, read through it and then read through it again to make sure that your story aligns perfectly with your brand. Make sure that your story is as true and authentic as you can possibly make it. To make sure that your story is as real as it needs to be, tell it consistently. Tell your story to business partners, associates, friends, family, and strangers. The more you tell it, the more comfortable and authentic it will sound.

Your story is also going to help you think of new growth ideas for the future. People who read it may think of things that you never thought of which can launch your business into more success than ever. Put it on your website, social media, books, training manuals for new employees, and anywhere else you can put it. It is as important for your team to be well versed in your brand story as you are.

A brand story is such a simple concept, but can be truly gratifying and will launch your brand into directions and success that you never dreamed of.

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