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We care.  A lot.

We want to see small businesses THRIVING, not surviving - ESPECIALLY in underserved areas and/or to underserved demographics. Our team has background and education in business economics and government affairs and recognize the resource gap and racial wealth gap is very real and should be taken seriously. 


If you are a business owner or artist that is BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) or of the LGBTQ+ groups who have been significantly marginalized in America for hundreds of years, please know that we are rooting for your success, and we have exclusive pricing and packages for you. Just shoot us an email. 

We look forward to adding internship and on-the-job training opportunities in the near future!

We Proudly Support:

We have pledged to help It Gets Better. 


The pledge:

I believe in a world where hope outshines fear. I commit to stand up and speak out against hate and intolerance.

My support for LGBTQ youth will be steadfast. I am part of a global community that is proud and resolute in its efforts to create a brighter, more inclusive world for all people.

I know it will get better.

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RespectAbility is a nonprofit organization working to fight stigmas and advance opportunities. Led by diverse people with disabilities and allies, RespectAbility knows that people with disabilities and their families have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else.

RespectAbility works to accomplish their mission with a three-part strategy:

  • Fighting stigmas by promoting diverse, authentic and accurate portrayals of people with disabilities

  • Advancing opportunities by identifying and promoting best practices in education, employment, civic engagement and access

  • Leadership development to strengthen a talent pipeline of people with disabilities


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