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Integrative Healthcare Communication Solutions

Internal and external communications in both clinical and hospital settings are complex and require a unique understanding of how these ecosystems operate, the services they provide, and their audiences. Our experienced Emerald Edge team has over 50 years of combined experience in patient education, clinical management, policy development, and quality improvement, and we are proud to have a licensed Registered Nurse on staff.

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Improve Quality Metrics

Quality measures are shaped by safety first and patient engagement strategies second. Patients have been urged to assume more responsibility for the state and care of their health, and participation requires education and comprehension. 


Let us help your organization improve patient compliance with treatment and recovery. Increased patient awareness through educational materials and touch points can also result in earlier detection of problems, timelier outpatient intervention, and reduced hospital readmissions. In addition, patients feel more confident in their care when they an active member of the process.


We can help create comprehensive patient education materials for your organization and help to improve scores across the board.

FEMA-Trained Crisis Communications

Leverage our extensive Public Disaster Preparedness and Incident Command System training. Emerald

Edge staff are available to help train and support Public Information Officers working in rural or urban healthcare environments. We will help your organization develop and implement a successful crisis communications strategy. In an ever-evolving technological landscape, the tools at our fingertips have grown immensely powerful, and controlling the flow of information in disasters is critical for patient,

staff, and community safety.

Service Line Promotion

Health systems can reap many benefits from expanding service line growth, including increased patient volumes, improved health outcomes, boosted market share, and improved physician loyalty.


We can help integrate multi-channel, highly-targeted, and specific online and offline efforts to drive growth and engagement. After leveraging intelligent data to inform a strategy, our team will craft a detailed service line marketing plan with goals, tracking mechanics and benchmarking milestones and tactics.

Our specialty is individualized, education-focused marketing outreach using an omnichannel approach.

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Legislative Outreach & Event Planning

Developing relationships with local, state, and federal legislative bodies can lead to immense opportunities for support and growth.

Let us organize a summit, workshop, conference, or mixer and invite key stakeholders relevant to you and your community to discuss the critical issues you face while providing care.

Other Services

  • Community Benefit Reporting

  • Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Support

  • Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP) Support

  • Recruitment Material Development

  • Healthcare Branding or Rebrands

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