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Aboriginal Outfitters

interior Salish Native American culture preservation

This case study was created to share the comprehensive brand identity creation for Aboriginal Outfitters (AO), a non-profit organization located on the Colville Reservation. The logo is based on an ancient family brand and is intended to look rugged and outdoorsy.  

Playing on the bright tribal pattern colors, we developed a color system and a typography hierarchy that gives a hand-written, authentic feel.

SubKulture created and manages the website, promotional material design and distribution, and apparel, and are in the process of developing an app, storybooks, and animated educational youth programming focused on culture preservation. Thought leadership on all programs is in partnership with Joy Abrahamson, Executive Director of AO, and the AO Board of Directors.


naqsílt  One Family- intro sheet.png

Case Study

AO final.png
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